Business Simulations & Learning Development 

Our tailored approach embeds lasting change in both knowledge and behavior by creating

emotionally-charged learning experiences.

Our Unique Methodology.

Change in knowledge.

Change in knowledge.

Our executive development programs and consulting engagements always commence with the identification of the core business concepts that constitute the motivation for change.

Once defined, these concepts are explored using interactive discussion sessions, ensuring that a universal level of knowledge and understanding is attained.

Change in behavior.

Change in behavior.

Engaging business simulations provide a unique and stimulating environment to allow deeper comprehension of core concepts.

Tailored, team-based scenarios support positive changes in behavior through iterative decision-making simulations rounds.

The feedback and review process during the last exercises and simulations achieve long-lasting participant engagement.

Change in action.

Change in action.

In order to ensure real change, our consulting services provide support to ensure that core concepts are embedded into working practices.

Our objective and knowledgeable consultants provide guidance and coaching for managers as they tackle real-world projects, supported by our powerful application tools.

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A Different Kind of Learning.

A Different Kind of Learning.

In the spirited, competitive environment of a StratX workshop, executives compete in teams against each other or against a virtual firm. The gamification training process allows them to apply concepts by managing a fictitious company through a robust simulated environment where they implement marketing strategies, see the outcomes of their decisions—and really learn.

“StratX executive education programs combine knowledge, experience and technology in a unique way that builds a broad understanding of customer relationships. Their highly interactive approach provides participants with not just strategic understanding but tangible tools for them to apply in the workplace.”

Director, Fortune 500 Firm (client)

"StratX's exposed our global sales and marketing executives to the reality of what their clients are experiencing, hence fostering a sought-after transition from a seller’s to a buyer’s perspective." 

Pierre A. MORGON - Chief Marketing Officer, CEGEDIM

Simulations: The Gamification of Learning.

Our computer-based simulations are immersive, interactive and dynamic business games.

Mirroring real-world decision-making experiences in a competitive environment, our simulations help to create emotionally-charged environments, leading to real experiential learning.

Studies have shown that lessons learned by effective managers are usually driven by the following 70:20:10 model:

  • 70% from on-the-job experiences
  • 20% from constructive peer interaction
  • 10% from training courses and reading

While most management development courses only contribute to the bottom 10%, our highly interactive programs focus on providing realistic competitive environments where participants learn through experience (the 70%) working in cross-functional and cross-market teams (the 20%).

The result of this approach is that participants will learn through a much broader experience, resulting in much longer-lasting changes in knowledge and behavior.

Our learning approach
30 years of experience.

We are pioneers in the development of business simulations, working to develop the most competitive and engaging experiences.

Mighty MarkStrat.

Our best known marketing simulation, MarkStrat, is the world's most successful business game, used in the top global business schools.

Custom Scenarios.

Some of our most impactful simulations are entirely tailored to the client's market by using real-world data and industry dynamics.

Live or Virtual.

We have great experience in providing remote/online simulations and programs as well as through classroom-based sessions.